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Casa de Antinguas

400 & 500 year

Centurion Descendant Lines

"Casa de Antiguas" has been created to house the older Spanish Descendant lineages dating back to era when the Royal Monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ruled Spain and the first European arrived into and establish America.

 This particular project is designed to preserve and promote the history and heritage of the Spanish throughout the history of Americas, Texas and other places. ​

How does this relate to the 1718 San Antonio Founding Families and Descendants?

     By the time the 1718 Expedition entered to officially establish San Antonio their Spanish ancestors had been on this continent for over 200 years.  They are related to were the descendants of the European Spaniards to enter onto this continent and who gave the name "America" to this land. They introduced the Longhorn cattle,livestock, horses, and other animals, introduced large scale farming and ranching, cattle drives, the vaquero, saddles, spurs, cowboy hats, rodeos...all that the Americas have adopted as their iconic symbols of the American way of life.  These are the CASAS/houses of the first Americanos y Americanas.

     Some of these CASAS may also include their lineages dating back to the various Native tribes who were her prior to the arrival of the European Spaniards

Please stay in touch as we prepare to open the Casa de Antiguas to the descendants and provide a portal to research and share their family trees and lineages!

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