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1718 SAFFD Presidio Soldiers & their families Auxiliary

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1718 San Antonio

Founding Families and Descendants

San Antonio Presidio Soldiers & Families

1718 Presidio Soldier & their families Auxiliary:

What we represent:

Conceptualized and created by the Board during the installment of the 1718 San Antonio Founding Families and Descendants organization, to provide a visual representation of the 1718 Spanish Governor Martin de Alarcon's Presidio Soldiers and their families who arrived, with the required 30 families in order to establish a Villa, on May 1, 1718 to officially found San Antonio, Mission San Antonio de Valero (later nicknamed by the Spanish "Alamo"), Villa de Bejar (first Spanish Settlement) and 5 days later the Presidio de Bejar in the name of His Majesty. 

Who we are:

The members of the auxiliary may be members of the 1718 SAFFD of lineal and associate descendants as well as friends of membership as well as other groups and individual who are invited to participate.

What we do:


The 1718 PSF Auxiliary promotes and preserves history with historical clothing, education and history by hosting 1718 SAFFD sponsored cultural affiliated events  such as the annual  "La Entrada", copyrighted (c),which was created created by the 1718 SAFFD to commemorate and celebrate the founding of San Antonio and all of its components through a visual representation and recreation of the 1718 Alarcon Expedition which arrived to meet the Natives, on May 1, 1718 at San Pedro Springs in San Antonio, Texas.

How to be a member:

Please contact the 1718 SAFFD at to find out more about the 1718 Presidio Soldier & their families Auxiliary membership and presentations. 

Our visual representation may extend to our earlier ancestors and their history.

Our organization's history, narrative and ancestral lines also include the prior Spanish expeditions which named San Antonio and the earlier 1519 Spanish Texas Expeditions and the first Spanish to arrive in the New World.  

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